The new drug "S" revealed!

SUBSTANCE: Xylitol with Phenylalanine


TYPICAL DOSE: one pill of 200 mg is dissolved or chewed at a time, although hard core users known as "S heads" may chew more than one at a time for a more "intense" effect.

TYPICAL EFFECTS (experienced by most users): Initially, a tingling sensation in the mouth, followed by a "coolness" or "freshness". Many users report a sense of general "oral cleanliness" and feelings of "oral well being". According to reports funded by NIDA and the DEA, these feelings can cause severe psychological dependency.

Some users use "S" to combat the breath and taste problems associated with other drugs like cigarettes, and as such, "S" is described as a "complimentary substance".

Habitual users often use thoughout the day, including after meals and during breaks, and when going out at night.

EFFECT DURATION: Typically 10-15 minutes of "peak" effect. However, some users find the sense of "oral well being" continues for some time after.

Certain other substances can curtail the duration of the effects. As an example, dihydrogen monoxide acts as a solvent and dilutent and can greatly shorten the duration of the effect of S.

PHOTO: These "S" pills were uncovered in a recent DEA raid on a preschool where other substances such as "skittles" and "M&Ms" were also found. As you can see though, these insidious little "S" pills are much smaller than a dime and thus easily smuggled without detection!

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