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3/2003 You Have The Right To Remain Silent What you MUST know about your interactions with police.

3/2003 Dr X A doctor points out how wrong the government is

1/2003 GlenMartinOpEd.html Glen Martin's Op Ed

4/2002 EcstasyBrain.html Ecstasy on the brain - research makes the DEA furious

4/2002 Evidence.html E is for evidence: Basing drugs policy on flawed science helps no one

11/2000 DrowningEcstasy.html Drowning in Ecstasy: the dangers of drinking too much water while using MDMA

10/1999 EcstasyProzac.html Ecstasy and Prozac: Using Prozac can help minimize ecstacy's side effects

7/1999 PryingGame.html Drugs tests in the workplace are increasing on both sides of the Atlantic. But researchers are questioning their relevance . . . and worse, their reliability

1/1997 Panic.html Press the panic button - PANIC reigns. Fear overwhelms logical thought.

11/1998 Chill.html Let's chill out: Editorial on Marijuana

11/1994 BitterOpium.html Book review: "A pint of bitter with the opium, please: Forbidden Drugs" by Philip Robson,

1/1994 JustSayNoWar.html Just say no to the War on Drugs - Norman Bauman passes his urine test

10/1994 Prohibition.html The highs & lows of prohibition: As drug-related crime soars, so calls to legalise drugs become more vociferous

7/1993 CannabisBrain.html Cannabis: the brain's other supplier - Researchers have a discovery they hope will open people's minds to learning more about the chemical's therapeutic properties